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Rumah Tinggal Superworm

Superworm Housing

Housing Superworms

Superworms can be kept in nearly any smooth sided container. Shoebox size tuperware/rubbermaid containers can comfortably house several hundred superworms. A 10 gallon aquarium can house several thousand. DO NOT refridgerate superworms, they should be kept between 70 - 80 degrees (normal room temperature).

Whatever container you use, add at least a 3" layer of substrate for the worms to hide in and eat.

Superworms are not going to climb out as long as the container is smooth sided. However; if you do encounter problems with this, you could either use a screen top (make sure there is good ventilation), or use 2" packing tape to tape all the way around the top of the inside walls of the container. It is too smooth for them to hold on, and once they reach the tape, they will fall off. You could also buy some BugStop, a slippery substance created to keep pests from climbing (normally used for ant problems and the like).

Some people also add egg crates or tissue paper tubes for extra hiding areas for the worms. If you choose to use egg crates, be aware that if you stack them, some worms may pupate due to the dark individual compartments. The pupa will be helpless against any superworms that may choose to eat them, and should be removed. If left in the container, they will either be eaten, or become a beetle - which will eat your superworms.

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